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Jenkins for JavaScript I.

I actually thought that setting up Jenkins to properly test a PHP based application is hard. Then I tried to do the same for JavaScript... I'm currently half way there, but I think I already learnt enough to make up for a quick post.

As an effort to make the code for this blog as clean and good as possible, I decided to set up Jenkins. It wasn't a big deal until I made my mind up that the frontend part should also be tested there. That's where all hell broke loose.

Don't die

Your unit tests are broken, you need to figure out what happened. You analyze the stack trace and open up the file you feel to be guilty of the error. You put some var_dump statement - maybe you'll put it in some pre in there and then just die().

It doesn't help much, so you open up the next file and start again, maybe copy-paste your "debugger-statements".

We have all been there, but please, don't do it again!

Launch of a Zf2 Blog

The code is not yet ready to be published, but I think I'm actually launching the first blog based on Zend Framework 2.

Okay, it is probably not true. There might be a few dozen of them out there, but I'm sure this is the very first blog including all these following goodies.